How it works


Want to be apart of a revolutionary crowdfunding platform? Then consider joining Tranzbridge.

Fighting global poverty and promoting better public health through design-focused initiatives has never been easier. Here’s how you can get involved:


Step 1: Sign Up

In order to participate in the Tranzbridge community, we first require all interested applicants to pay a small annual subscription fee to join our ecosystem. The reason why we request this is because in the past, many volunteers have expressed interest and gotten involved in our fundraising efforts, only to have never completed the fundraising goals. As a result, this negatively impacts our operations, as not only are we unable to develop the proposed projects but we also end up having to use our own resources to fund the leftover gap. Thus, by paying this small fee, you will be symbolically gesturing to us that you are 100% fully committed to our mission and that you will do whatever it takes to complete the fundraising goals of the projects that you engage in.

Furthermore, we give all interested volunteers two choices in terms of the account they can sign up for. The subscription fees differs depending on the chosen account:

Captain: $15  |  Campaigner: $10 

Furthermore, each account has different privileges and responsibilities:

Captains are expected to be the go-getters and difference-makers. They are responsible for sponsoring open/available projects (that are sourced by ARCHIVE Global) and putting together a team to crowdfund the required amount to implement the project. As such, they are given the power to choose which Tranzbridge members will be on their team in addition to overseeing that their team stays active and meets their target.

Campaigners meanwhile are the meat and cheese of each team. Their goal is to get out there and leverage the power of their social and professional networks to get donations to flow into the projects they are involved with. In addition, campaigners will have the opportunity to request to join projects of their interest but ultimately, it will be up to the captain in charge of the specific project whether or not they are able to do so.

But remember, despite whether you are a captain or campaigner, the more you get involved and fundraise, the bigger and better the rewards you will be eligible to win!


Step 2: Get Involved With A Project(s) and Crowdfund It

Here’s the fun part. On Tranzbridge, we give members a wide variety of projects to get involved with, filtered by different design initiatives to different public health ailments to different regions of the world. Working to fundraise each project will be a team of up to 5 people (each project will be sponsored a captain), whereby they collaborate with one another to do whatever it takes to reach the fundraising goal. This is done through creatively leveraging the power of each member’s social and professional networks in order to get crowdfunding donations to flow through.

Furthermore, each team can be composed of a group of friends, acquaintances or even complete strangers. However what bounds them, no matter their previous connection, is the urgency and determination to help implement projects that will have a sustainable effect on the public health of people around the world.

Here are some tips to maximize your crowdfunding potential:

- Instead of simply sharing your project across your social media accounts, try sending your friends and relatives a personal email with a link to your project(s). This makes the request more personal, leading to a higer response rate.

- When soliciting donations, share details about why ARCHIVE Global's mission and your personal project(s) mean a lot to you. Attaching a meaningful story to a request tends to elicit higher contributions.

- Don't forget to send you thank you notes to those who have donated to your project(s). This lets them know you truly appreciate their support and in turn, this can have a multiplier effect whereby   they will tell their own network about your initiative.


Step 3: Get Rewarded

As you complete certain objectives, you will gain reward points. These objectives can range from signing up to become a member of Tranzbridge, getting others to sign up or completing the fundraising requirements of a project. Obviously, the bigger the accomplishment, the more points you stand to win.

Once you accumulate enough points to reach a milestone, you will be eligible to win some fantastic ARCHIVE Global rewards ranging from souvenirs to trips out into the field to witness the development of a project you funded in person.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for Tranzbridge and let’s start changing the public health landscape!