About Us



Here’s something for you to think about - what if we combined two companies, ‘Kickstarter’ and ‘Kiva’, and then added an extra bonus where volunteers can get rewarded for their fundraising efforts. Pretty cool concept right? Well, given the immense growth and popularity of crowdfunding over the past few years, especially for charitable purposes, we at ARCHIVE Global wanted to hop on the bandwagon but figured that we could innovate the model even further.

And with that, let us welcome you to Tranzbridge.

Tranzbridge is a web-based platform that connects passionate and aspiring social entrepreneurs to communities around the world that lack the appropriate public health infrastructures to maintain a decent standard of living. Our goal is to create an environment where these social advocates can collaborate with other like-minded people to sponsor and crowdfund a wide array of design-focused projects that tackle global public health issues, creating a sustainable impact on the world’s most disadvantaged people along the way.

In addition, we strive to create a system where fundraisers are compensated for their hard work and dedication to our cause. As such, all members of our program are eligible to win some fantastic prizes ranging from ARCHIVE Global merchandise to highly sought-after trips to see the projects they have funded first-hand.

Not only will Tranzbridge cultivate a fundraising ecosystem that is fun and productive but it will also achieve speed and scale in regards to the potential projects that will be implemented. We want to change the world and we want to do it dynamically. We hope you will join our cause in using design-focused solutions to change the global public health landscape.


Background Story

From our experiences, there are two main factors holding back the international development and humanitarian aid sectors. Firstly, there is a lack of transparency from the point of donation to project implementation for many non-profits. As a matter of fact, 30% of the general public state that the main reason they don’t donate is due to concerns over the use and handling of their donated funds. Secondly, there is a lack of accountability on the end of fundraisers who, despite having good intentions, often initiate charitable projects but don’t meet their fundraising goals for a host of reasons. This leaves the organization they are involved with at a financial disadvantage as often times, the latter has to use their own capital to fill in the leftover gap in funding.

We at ARCHIVE Global are determined to tackle these issues head-on, not only by creating a transparent crowdfunding model that constantly keeps all stakeholders up-to-date with live videos of the initiative(s) they are involved with but also by including a rewards system to incentivize the completion of each and every project. In addition, we will require that all members of Tranzbridge pay a small annual subscription fee to have “skin-in-the-game”, another way of ensuring that their interests are best aligned with ours.